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2014 printing equipment and materials Exchange Conference
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As China's Shandong Province, one of the provinces printing Enorth fastest development, the formation of a number of large-scale textile printing enterprises, these enterprises also need to understand the industry, new technology, new materials, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. The Yangtze River Delta region is the largest in Ningbo textile printing business gathering place, also has a large number of textile printing business in recent years, affected by the international situation, the focus began to shift to the Southeast Asian garment printing. In this situation, the association with Tian Ling company, Toyama garment printing equipment company jointly held in two places, materials and printing technology exchange, the purpose is to introduce advanced garment printing business printing equipment, materials and technology, and industry trends, to develop their ideas, promote the development of these areas garment printing industry.
July 17, 2014, July 25, by the China Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association, Tian Ling Fine Chemical (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Kunshan Precision Toyama Avandia joint Qingdao Garment Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Ou-color trade 2014 jointly organized textile printing equipment, materials and printing technology exchange were successfully held in Qingdao and Ningbo Detai Hotel Ruili Four Seasons Hotels Limited.
At the meeting, Kunshan Precision Equipment Co., printing equipment Toyama senior expert Mr. Zhang Mingqing briefed the participants of the "automatic printing machine performance characteristics of elliptical and application technology." Toyama's production of automatic printing machine, although the development of elliptical late, but in a comprehensive understanding and analysis of similar products available on the market, to avoid the shortcomings of existing products, and the use of international advanced technology, high quality materials and appliances components made ​​of. And one on the market, it has been widely recognized and praised. Tian Ling Fine Chemical (Kunshan) Managing Director Zheng Junming for the "sensitive adhesive and thermal ink application technology" and "Chinese printing enterprises have moved in Southeast Asia situation and development trend," explain in detail, so that participants benefited shallow.
After the meeting, the organizers specially arranged for the participants to visit the United States Avandia Garment Co., Ltd. Qingdao and Ningbo Yinzhou new printing plant Ling oval automatic printing machine production line, seen at the production site, a production line just two to three workers that can complete a full set of printing processes, greatly improving production efficiency and save labor, but also the participants elliptical automatic printing machine production line has a more intuitive understanding.
More than 100 professional printing practitioners from Qingdao, Ningbo surrounding area participated in technical exchanges
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