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Heat transfer equipment staff experience the excitement of rafting trip
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Enter the dog days, summer's scorching like snakes spit red Nobuko provocation to people like merciless exposure of all creatures, like the air like being steamed hot. People can not wait buckets of cold water poured into his head, as if in order to resist the hot weather, especially when we do the heat transfer equipment manufacturers work environment even worse. Perhaps the boss see this whole situation specially organized rafting trip of a company.
In recent days, the company is ready to organize a trip to Qingyuan 08-16 rafting activities. The good news as moist as 久旱逢甘霖 drought of things, but do not know a God who is angry, squally rain total daily starting at unsuspecting people when brought to the floor a mess, originally thought the company is scheduled to Qingyuan rafting trip 08-16, the face of this bad weather, once thought our plan was about to burst, and even travel to the rain adverse tired, but it did not shake the passion of our trip and confidence! We all prayed silently No. 08-16 is a good weather.
No. 8-16 in the morning, all the collection company after 6:00, after breakfast, to separate the activities of each department collectively, our department under the leadership of the wizard drove straight to Cologne Gap, where the scenery is beautiful, the water clear to see the river bottom of bluestone and fish swim. Put the orange life jacket to wear, when many of my colleagues in the head there were a lot of little question marks, some ask: might draw it? Some ask: do not panic thrilling? Some also ask: How deep water? ...... Then the mood was really excited, but nervous. Drifting began, I took it a lot of question marks on his colleagues to follow up drifting dinghy!
Beginning, my colleagues and Fred would not draw, advancing slowly, can only rely on water at us go. So, soon others fell last. At this point, I simply took the pulp from the Chuanbang out with both hands draw together a pulp, as dragon boat racing, as the left look right look, so we were actually also draw quickly, and from the last one boat straight ahead chase, catching up to the full fleet of four. Because we hurry boating, also inadvertently see scenery on both sides, and say you can not understand the feeling of drift. "End of the game was played in earnest to watch the scenery on both sides, to the two sides looked dark green mountains on both sides of the upright high into the clouds, has been extended forward with, like a never-ending wall. Floating floating, when I suddenly found the water in front of a very anxious, "how is this going? "I asked Fred said:." That's rapids, rapids will be there under the reefs, and the water is very shallow, and we want to go around the edge. "So, I and my colleagues Fred concerted effort to rowed to the side, carefully bypassing a large reef area. Finally, we arrived at the finish very smoothly.
The most exciting rafting looks very thrilling, in fact, near misses, after this drift, I really love this sport, and it will not forget to go back on the road in our department colleagues have very mixed feelings say : "In the future want to Qingyuan drift!" Everyone smiles and clap your hands in favor.
I hope to give all the equipment to do their counterparts colleagues organized the workshop under the sweating activity, so that we can find a better job in the mood to continue to expand thinking develop better heat transfer equipment.
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