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Thermal and thermal transfer digital difference
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1, two kinds of thermal transfer printing method Thermal transfer printing, there are two ways, one is sublimation (models gallery used) transfer methods for a thermosetting transfer method, sublimation method refers to the use of hot l after disperse paste produced by screen printing or gravure printed paper, the printing paper pattern onto the desired medium, heat-transfer method refers to the use of solid ink (also known as hot melt glue) screen-printed paper after printing, the cultural shirt and apparel products to the pattern transfer printing paper, two printing methods in the application there is a clear distinction, sublimation transfer method is mainly used in chemical fiber fabrics and coated with heat the transfer coating of hard material, thermosetting transfer method is mainly used in cotton products. Printed on the difference between the two lies in the way of texture, dye-sublimation (models gallery secondary) pattern transfer material does not change after the original texture, feel and look and feel good. Thermoset pattern after the transfer in the surface layer of jelly attachments, feel bad, airtight. Two printing methods in production processes, each with advantages and disadvantages, unique.
2, what is the heat transfer: thermal transfer generally speaking is a transfer of technology and products, the use of heat transfer equipment (models gallery hand) will heat transfer paper pattern and image after heating to 180C0- -230C0 transfer printed materials in different forms of media technology, thermal transfer technology was first used in the textile printing and dyeing industry, shoe industry.
3, and later with the development, advancement of science and technology growing application areas, especially the emergence of digital technology and personalized consumer attitudes appear to make the application of thermal transfer technology more popular and widespread application of the product after another, covering almost all material field. Such as: metal, wood, stone, ceramics, glass, PVC, leather, chemical fiber cloth can be applied thermal transfer technology transfer delicate designs and images, production and beautifully crafted products.
4, the traditional way of several techniques of traditional heat transfer sublimation sublimation thermal transfer technology in three ways: thermal transfer printing, gravure (copperplate, electric engraving) thermal transfer, offset heat transfer. Traditional sublimation thermal transfer printing feature is there.
5, the digital thermal transfer sublimation thermal transfer is based on the traditional combination of digital printing technology to print the form without printing the pattern image of a new technology (models gallery hand) surgery. It is characterized by the use of digital printing technology due to printing color graphics and images without the plate, the plate-making process and cost savings, it is suitable for the production of personalized printed products.
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