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Japanese textile dyeing and finishing industry development status points
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I. Summary
     Since the 2007-2008 year, crude oil, chemical products, market prices continued to rise, Japanese dyeing and finishing industry is facing a death in the face. Prices of raw materials led to some dyes, seriously affected the normal production and business activities dyeing and garment manufacturing business enterprise. Some dyeing companies said that if the conditions were not completely changed, orders range will be further reduced. Currently, dyeing and finishing industry has made ​​it clear that raised dyeing processing costs, and raw material suppliers, negotiations continued between the textile industry, but the situation is not optimistic. As we all know, dyeing and finishing technology is one of the traditional strengths of the Japanese textile industry, but also the country's textile industry to be based on the foundation of the world. However, crude oil, chemical raw materials prices has led overwhelmed dyeing and finishing industry, there may even shake the foundation of the Japanese textile industry.

     Second, the Japanese dyeing and finishing industry operating conditions encountered frost

     Dyeing is known as a key part of the textile industry chain, carrying create added value, commodities and other important functions differentiation. The industry has two characteristics: First, consume a lot of energy; Second, the extensive use of chemical raw materials. In crude oil, chemical products both prices background, dyeing and finishing industry in Japan has reached a difficult stage. Recalling the first half of the year 2007, the cost of Seiren company increased 140 million yen over the same period last year. Komatsu refining company costs rose earlier to 126 million yen. Sakai Obey Alex's energy costs rose by 60 million yen over the same period, the cost of fuel, reagents, Paper, packaging materials and other aspects also increased 30 million yen. In other words, Sakai Obey Alex's increase in costs in the first half reached 90 million yen. Moreover, the second half of the costs as well as further expand. According to the forecast, Sakai Obey Alex dye in the second half this year only, the cost of reagents will rise 90 million yen, Komatsu refining company is expected to increase the monthly cost will reach the level of 30 million yen. Caused by rising costs of crude oil is still the culprit, because many dyeing enterprises boiler is heavy oil as fuel. Due to the continuing rise in crude oil prices, some dyeing enterprises began to explore to find alternative energy sources, the development of energy-saving technologies, which also led to the price of natural gas, coal and other products to rise. According to industry pundits estimate, nearly two years of rising fuel costs more than doubled. Fuel prices make the already miserable dyeing enterprises, and have prices dyes, chemicals for dyeing enterprises is even worse.

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