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Heat sublimation printing equipment Dongguan first printing machinery limited company R & D and production: roller printing machine, cylinder heat transfer printing, digital printing machine,printing machine, heat transfer equipment heat transfer roller.Has been widely used in clothing and textiles, rubber plastic printing, gift processing, daily necessities, ceramics, metal products and other industries; the first printing machine using a small part of the business case:

 Dongguan tongtianxia Rubber Co., Ltd. (mouse pad manufacturer, the country's largest is equipped with two sets offirst ZS-BD Professional Edition 600*1200MM roller printing machine)

 Dongguan wanlihang Rubber Co., Ltd. (the national second big mouse pad factory, equipped with a first mouse pad ZS-BDProfessional Edition 600*1200MM roller printing machine)

 Dongguan Xin Digital Color Printing Co., Ltd. (known as digital printing processing factory, equipped with custom a first ZS-BDProfessional Edition 600*2000MM roller printing equipment)

 Dongguan Shencai Digital Printing Co., Ltd. (known as digital printing processing factory, equipped with a first ZS-BDProfessional Edition 600*1700MM roller printing machine)

 Dongguan Gao Feng clothing company (set design,production, sales of clothing enterprises, is equipped with a firstZS-BC fashion version of 420*1700MM roller printing machine)

Ningbo City, Yinzhou  green cloth cloth Digital Printing Co., Ltd.(Zhejiang printing company, customization of a first ZS-BD enhanced version of the 420*1800MM roller printing machine)

 Hefei Tiancai mousepad Co. Ltd (professional mouse pad manufacturer, with a first ZS-BA common custom version of610*1200MM roller printing machine)

 Guangzhou Xincheng transfer printing factory (manufacturer of thermal transfer printing paper, sublimation transfer paper, hotprinting paper and printing processing factory, equipped with afirst ZS-BA common custom version of 610*1700MM roller printing machine equipment)

 Quanzhou Fengze bill dawn transfer printing (Fujian billprinting factory, equipped with a first ordinary version of the ZS-BA 800*1200MM printing machine and a first ZS-BA customized version of 1000*1200MM roller printing machine)

 Xiaolan in Zhongshan City dawn garment accessories factory(specializing in the production of clothing materials and digitalprinting processing factory, equipped with a first ZS-BD automatic version of the 420*600MM cylinder heat transfer equipment)

 Huizhou Mr. Ho (digital printing manufacturers, starting with afirst ZS-BD enhanced version of 420*1700MM roller printing machine equipment)


Other more successful cases are no longer one one.

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